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Q. If I joined the union, am I an automatic member?

A. No, the Union and Lodge are separate. You have to apply to be a member of Lodge 92.

Q. What is the difference between FOP LODGE 92 LABOR SERVICES / FOP LODGE 92?

A. Labor Services is the exclusive bargaining unit for G4 union members. Lodge 92 is the FOP Lodge membership.

Q. Why are there two different websites?

A. Labor Services is for the Union side. Lodge 92 had to upgrade due to the size of the membership. Previously we were capped at 500 members.

Q. Why wasn't my information transferred over from the old site?

A. To have the latest contact information on file for our members, many have changed email addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers etc. Your email address that was on file was merged into the new system you can now reset your information for members who have not registered a new account.

Q. Do I have to pay annual dues if I'm a dues-paying member of FOP 92 Labor services?

A. NO. Your membership is included with your union membership.

Q. If I retired from my position do I loose my active membership in Lodge 92? 

A. No members who retire after reaching years of service or retirement due to being medically retired are able to remain active members of the Lodge. You will, however be required to pay the annual Lodge dues.

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